ON THE BORDER – Cantina products

24 Sep

Big fan of On the Border.   I have always had great food experiences at their restaurants and even better times in their bar (hellllllooooooooo SWIRLS).    So a few years ago OTB came out with their own line of chips and salsa.

The odd thing was the chips and salsa they came released tasted nothing like the stuff they served in-house.    That being said, they were still good products and I bought them forever.

Flash forward a few years and OTB has kept the line going strong and released a “cantina” line which are thinner chips and yet another version of their signature salsa.   I loved these new Cantina Thins.   They are super-light and crisp.  Great corn taste.    Not overly salty.    They were just my favorite grocery store tortilla chip.

HOWEVER.   This last bag I noticed that the chips weren’t quite a thin as previous bags.   They were slightly thicker and tasted ….just different.    If I didn’t have the flavor memorized I might not even have noticed it.    But it’s there.  Something different.   I am hoping that is just this one particular bag I ended up with.

On the other side of the “cantina line” is the new salsa that is meant to be the partner for the chips.   It is designed to be light and easy to scoop with those fragile cantina thins.   They do, for the most part, hold up well and I had just a few broken chips in this salsa.    I enjoyed the salsa but it was just a touch too sweet.   Not a flavor I like to think about in my salsa.  Sweetness.

I would still have them both over for a party or on game day.



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