20 Sep

Ladies and Germs, I give you The ZERO bar.   Okay scratch that last part.  I’m not giving you anything.  Hell, I have a hard enough time trying to find stuff like this.   Oh and I never learned to share.   So…..

With a Zero bar you have White Fudge covering a caramel, peanut, and almond nougat.

What’s a NOUGAT?  It’s delicious is what it is, so shut up.  I would show a picture of the candy all split and opened but there was a technical difficulty….yeah I ate the bar so you are seeing a pic of an empty wrapper.     I am THAT good a photographer.

This is one of the greatest candy bars ever.  Like…ever.    I don’t see them around so you might have to dig a little but it’s worth it.    Snickers is everyone’s favorite candy bar and debuted in 1930.  Zero came out a decade BEFORE Snickers.    So I tend to think of Zero as Snickers bad ass older brother that is just too cool for school.



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