PEPPERIDGE FARM Garlic Texas Toast

9 Sep

What would make someone buy pre-made garlic toast?  Seriously.  It’s GARLIC TOAST.  That is toast with some garlic butter slathered over it.   If you can’t figure it out, most local stores even sell garlic bread made fresh in their bakery.   Just warm it up.

whoa…whoa….slow it down, cowboy.  I thought that way too.

Until I had dinner at a friends place and she served some wicked-ass-good garlic bread.   Now you KNOW I love anything garlicky, bread-y, and breadstick-ery.   So it had to be killer for me to notice.

(on a side note, the lasagna she made was horrifying.   If you are reading this now..well…I didn’t promise I wouldn’t mention that to the world).

So immediately I could tell from the look if it , it wasn’t homemade.  It was rich and buttery.  Garlicky and crunchy.  It was the best part of the evening actually.   So when it was sheepishly revealed to be store-bought-frozen-even….I was wow’ed.  I had seconds on the bread and only two bites of the actual lasagna.     Seriously, this is goodness.  Fresh from the freezer.  Who knew?


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