6 Sep

In Arlington near the UTA area is a great little place called OLD SCHOOL PIZZA & SUDS.  It’s in an old house near the college campus.   It’s very laid back and just a great place to chill and have a drink.

Some local pubs tend to offer some kind of generic-we-bought-it-at-costco-and-warmed-it-up-in-the-microwave type eats.   Things that might taste good when I am hammered at 12:43 and the kitchen is closing at 1am.   But great pizza?  uhh..doubt it.

So with expectations lowered I ordered one of the pizzas.   I was told by the waitress that they have a “thicker” and “thinner” crust styles.   I asked which her favorite was and she said “thicker…it’s kinda more…bread-y type crust.”   Bread-y it shall be for thee.  What arrived was gorgeous.   Nice browning on the crust and the cheese.  Thick cuts of meat some nice sauce.  This is a damn fine bar pizza, my friends.   Tastes like some good quality ingredients here.   I did not expect it to be this good.

The “bread-y” crust did sort of taste like Pizza Hut deep dish – bread-y and hints of butter scattered about – but that is just in terms of style.  In taste, it blows Pizza Hut out of the water.

For certain, one of the best pizzas you can find in the UTA area.


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