CAPTAIN D’s Sampler Platter for 4.99

23 Aug

Captain D’s has a killer deal right now.  Several plates are 4.99, including the sampler.

Five bucks and I can try every popular item on your menu?  SOLD!

In case you’ve never heard of it, Captain D’s is a fast seafood joint.   I don’t see many around the DFW area so when I stumbled on to this one I was curious.   Turns out there is only four locations in the DFW.

Five bucks got me a fish filet, chicken strips, shrimp, fries, okra, and some double yummy hushpuppies.   Insane price and it was all pretty good too.   Drive-thru was pretty busy and with these prices you can see why.

In case you are wondering, everything tasted exactly the way it should.  In a place that does alot of frying you might think that the chicken tastes like fish and the fish tastes like chicken.  Nope.  Everything tasted proper.  Good okra too.   I think the best tasting item on the platter was the shrimp.   Nice and tender inside, crunchy outside.




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