RUFFLES Steak Chips

9 Aug

Ruffles have ridges.  Those ridges are now flush with the flavor of MEAT…specifically FLAME GRILLED STEAK.

Fresh on the Ruffles MAX line are these steak chips.    They are exactly what I expect.  A little smoke, a little worches…worchis….wacharas.….steak sauce flavoring, and some grill seasoning and you have a hearty chip.

The problem is, do I eat this with a salad?  I mean if i am having a steak, should I have steak chips as a side?  Wouldn’t that be MAXIMUM STEAKness??  I mean this is actually steak-n-potatoes in one bite.

These are only around for the summer so try them.    All smart-mouth aside they are pretty good.   The seasoning is perfect.   Oddly after eating them I actually started craving actual steak.

I bet these would rock along side a grilled cheese sammich.


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