8 Aug

Okie Dokie –  Today we got KAZOOZLES from WONKA.

(I defy you not to get the “Willy-Wonka…..Willy-Wonka” jingle stuck in your head right about now)

These at first glance look like filled Red Vines.    Turns out they are not.  These are Strawberry/Watermelon “gummy-straws” is the best way I can describe them.  They are slightly tart and very chewy.

After a few chews everything starts to mix together and I get the feeling I am eating some tangy raisins.   It’s that kind of consistency.    Raisins.

Wonka, I usually dig everything you set before me, but these are kinda forgettable.   In a gift basket full of Wonka treats I might not mind or notice, but as themselves- a single purchase?   Prolly just gonna go for the Sour Patch Kids instead.


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