7 Aug

Okay, so this ain’t ROSCOE’s CHICKEN AND WAFFLES — and it doesn’t have to be.  But it is THE BOMB!!!

(skool’n – time)  Roscoe’s is a FAMOUS place in Hollywood for serving..yup…chicken-n-waffles.     It’s a landmark.   It’s incredible.   It’s amazing that it took this long for people to start trying to knock them off.

Popeye’s could have went the cheap route here.   Serve some regular ol’ tenders and a waffle and call it a day.   I mean that is what IHOP and other places are doing.


Popeye’s went to the trouble of making a special batter for these chicken tenders.  It’s very light, crispy and crunchy with a slight sweetness  to it.  Not overly salty.   It has that slight pancake/waffle texture to it.  It’s good y’all!!

This is INSTANTLY my favorite thing I have ever had from Popeye’s.   The chicken is super-tender, juicy, moist, and rocket hot.  I think these just came out of the fryer!

I got through an entire piece before I even realized they came with a Sweet Honey Maple Sauce.    Again, these are the BOMB on their own.  Why fool with a good thing?   i am almost scared to try the sauce.  If it’s too this—or too that— this whole chicken-y goodness I am high-on right now is lost.

BOOM.  That sauce is perfect!   Slightly sweet.   Does not overpower the chicken at all.  It’s actually a very nice compliment to the tenders.    It doesn’t take much of the sauce to keep that balance.

Wow, these are good.    I totally low-balled my expectations here.   They are for a limited time (of course) but maybe they might catch on and become permanent.    I can only hope.   Again.  Best.  thing.  on.  the.  menu.   at.  Popeye’s.  Period.

Nice one, Popeye’s!!


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