Return of GRIFF’s Hamburgers

6 Aug

Back in FEB., I toldja that Griff’s was getting a makeover.   By that I mean a demolish-and-total-rebuild.

The new spiffy building is located in the same place in Irving as it once was but now it has a drive-thru.  This has been a LONG time comin’.  The original had been there for years – and as much as I love the classics – it needed much renovation.    The place was just old and not inviting at all.   Griff’s is known for their drive-in/diner style burgers and fries.    The city of Irving is obviously elated to have  them back because for the past month – every weekend has a line around the block just to get to the joint.

The new digs not only look fresh …it’s bigger inside than the original too.   This will easily become the go-to-burger-move in that part of town.  They upgraded the sign with replacement pieces that utilizes the original design– so it looks like the original – just newer-  if that makes sense.    I like the new signage but I really loved the older….now vintage-y…looking original.   It would have told you that the building might be new….but the place had been around for awhile.    I personally would have kept the old sign.   But I understand the move.

A good twelve minutes in the drive-thru passed kinda quickly actually.  I got the chance to do some excellent people watching as several waves of people were walking over from nearby to get their Griff’s fix.

Out of the drive and down the street and I am demolishing this burger and fries.   NO FEARS — they taste exactly the same as they did back in FEB.   Love that.

Just kickin’ myself that I didn’t upsize my drink cuz it’s hot-as-blazes-outside these here parts.

Here’s to many more years for an Irving classic.    Welcome back Griff’s!


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