CARINO’s – Gluten Free Pizza

5 Aug

Look at that bad boy right there.   That is an absolutely perfect looking pizza… am I right?

I have always enjoyed the pizzas at Carino’s (formerly Johnny Carino’s for those of you that aren’t up to date)  so it was only natural that I try the “gluten-free” crusts to see just what that whole “gluten-thing” is all about.

More and more people are discovering they are allergic to, or just don’t want to eat gluten (a protein in dough, breads, pasta) so they would normally have to give up those foods because there wasn’t a whole lot of “gluten-free” alternative choices.    The reason?   That protein makes pizza dough, for example, rise and have that spongy and chewy texture.   Without it, you get something closer to a flatbread – which is slightly drier and crunchier than a normal dough.  In the past couple of years though, several companies have made leaps and bounds in their development of pastas, breads, and etc… that are gluten-free and taste more like the “gluten-full” versions.

So back to Carino’s.    They have developed a “gluten-free” menu and since I was going to have pizza anyway…I decided to switch to their gluten-free pizza crusts that they get from a company called Udi.  Udi develops an entire line of gluten-free products.

I gotta be honest here.   The whole “gluten-free-thing” has me kinda itchy.    I had dinner with nutritionists who made pasta dishes out of “spaghetti squash” that they SWORE up-and-down was “just like the real thing”.    It wasn’t.    So I am expecting a circle shaped piece of cardboard-crust coming any minute.

What I receive is, as I stated earlier, a bee-you-ta-full pie.    It could never taste as good as it looks….right?…..WRONG!!

It’s a VERY light, crisp, and crunchy crust.   It’s just like I said before……an artisan flatbread.   Once you see that and taste it, you are gonna totally forget you are eating something that has a LABEL like “gluten-free”.    It’s such a simple change in perception.  NO gluten = flatbread sytle.   No problem.

People that are allergic to gluten should be heading over to their local Carino’s and having this.  Like NOW.  You can have pizza again!!


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