29 Jul

Oreo is crank’em out this summer.  We did watermelon here, and now we have the ICE CREAM OREO.   It’s actually Rainbow Sherbet flavor.

The package design looks very similar to the Watermelon Oreo.  Even the colors of the creme are close in colors.    So much so you might actually pick up the wrong bag.   Keep that in mind.

How do they taste?  I actually like these more than the watermelon.  The flavors or a bit stronger.  The slight tang of the fruity sherbet is there and it’s a nice all around cookie.   Unfortunately the same distraction that slightly hindered the watermelon cookie is present here.   The vanilla cookie competes just a bit with the flavor of the sherbet.    Nothing more than a distraction and I wonder how delightful this would be if it had the original chocolate wafer instead.   The mix of that chocolate and the fruity sherbet might have been tasty.   Perhaps I will hack a few of these up and let you know.


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