26 Jul

KFC has released HOT SHOT BITES which are a spicy version of the KFC BITES they released just less than a year ago. I reviewed those here. I liked them back then (when they were fresh) so I was stoked for the new ones. Lord knows I love spicy and these seem like such a natural progression that I am wondering why they didn’t bring these out a year ago.

The TV commercial currently airing shows a woman trying them and slapping her male friend because they are so hot.

Perhaps I am just built for lava because they aren’t THAT hot. They have some cayenne spice to them and have a heat that builds with each piece. By the end of six I was feeling it but they don’t scorch on the first bite like TV would have you believing.

Like the original bites, these suffer from a freshness issue. I have had them 3 different times and two out of the three were excellent. Moist, tender, spicy and crunchy. The odd time out they were chewy, rubbery, and tasted almost cold. Like they had been sitting there for a while. It will sound snobbish but these are something I will always have to ask if they are fresh or not. OR ask to wait for fresh ones. It really does make an incredible difference.

I don’t go to KFC on the reg, but now that these are there I have reason to. I love spicy chicken and having quick access to a snack like this is worth the 3 bucks.

UPDATE:  I have had these again since this review and I found that adding the packets of KFC Hot Pepper Sauce to these doubles the heat and spice…so if you can take it, try it.   I like them more with the sauce!!


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