All It Takes is ONCE

23 Jul

I love to support local business……BUT DAMN it’s getting harder sometimes because some local businesses take short cuts and short change customers and expect them to return.

I mean more often than not local businesses charge more than the chains.  They usually have to so they can stay in business.   So I understand that and don’t mind paying extra if it’s going to keep quality and service at a level I expect.  Try and just short change me and you will burn this bridge permanently.

Personality is also a plus.   If I visit your location and you are quirky and somewhat rude, I might find it funny and keep coming back despite your sour personality.    OR I might take it as you are a full-on-asshole and never come back despite it being the best dish I ever had in my life.

Case in point:   Look at those slices.   I am charged 2 bucks and change per slice and you give me old-ass-slices-that-have-been-sitting-there-how-long????   So to “freshen” it up you thrown on some fresh cheese before you warm it up as what…. a bonus for me?    While I am waiting I see you barking at two other customers with more than a hint of disrespect.    Why?

When I got down the street and took a look at these slices I felt ripped off.    I mean the damn cheese isn’t even melted!  Way to stick it to your customers.

There are WAY too many places to get food in this town for this to happen.   I don’t fault the guy for trying to make a living – so I will not reveal where this is from – but it only takes ONE shitty experience for me to shift gears from supporting your local business – to never going there again.

This place?  Ate there at least once a week.  After this?  Never going back again.


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