22 Jul

Potato chips cut and made into the shape of french fries is nothing new.   Hello….. Andy Capp’s Hot Fries?!?!?!?  Anyone???   Anyone???

Well companies think you don’t know or don’t care that those and regular shoe string potatoes still exist because several people are aiming for that “fry as a chip” market that isn’t even a market.    Guess they figure Capp’s has had a stranglehold on them for far too long.

So RUFFLES has dropped CRISPY FRIES.    Made with REAL POTATOES!!!!

As opposed to…..?????  Fake or cleverly disguised things masquerading as potatoes?

oh boy….anyway I was immediately taken down a notch in expectations when I saw this bag at the local SEVE.

(and by SEVE I mean the 7-11….again…I call it the SEVE….lord if you haven’t picked up on this yet….I give up)

The bag is quite small.  AND the small bag is a 1.09.  For that I could get a big bag of regular chips.  But I digress.

UntitledShaking some of these out to try… I notice they are not at all like the ones Whataburger released a few weeks ago.   And that’s a good thing.  The Ruffles Crispy Fries actually LOOK like fries – compared to the Whatafries by Whataburger.   I mean if both of those were in bowls in a taste test….I would expect everyone to ignore the rather sickly ones on the right in favor of those on the left.

The Ruffles actually taste better too.   I can only imagine that what Ruffles has accomplished is EXACTLY what all these other “fry guys” are trying to do.   Create something visually distinctive and that tastes like fries.

Don’t get me wrong here, I enjoyed the Whatafries quite a bit but when you compare them it’s just obvious Ruffles has the edge here.   They are crispier and have a better seasoning in addition to the appearance victory.

Cool and fun product from Ruffles but they needed to be in a slightly bigger bag with more for that price.    Hard to find here in the DFW so keep an eye out for them!


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