19 Jul

You gotcha IBC.  You gotcha A&W.   You gotcha Barq’s.   You gotcha Shasta.   There are about a bazillion Root Beers on the market.   All of them are unique and share the same flavor at the same time.

Most Root Beers I find are SUPER-sweet.   More sweet than “root beer-y” actually.   Which is why I was kind of surprised when I tried FAYGO ROOT BEER.  It’s made from pure cane sugar, but it’s not overpowering.    This is a Root Beer that has an upfront ROOT BEER taste to it.    Love, love, love this Root Beer.   My only mistake was leaving Central Market with only one for the drive home.

It also makes me wanna do a “Best Root Beer” thingie at some point.   How’z that sound?


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