10 Jul

Pizza Hut, like everyone these days, are constantly trying to come up new and inventive ways to keep customers coming back.

The current promo is one I am actually quite fond of.  The new “Firebaked Flatbread Pizzas” are firebaked….I suppose…if you count the heat from an oven as “fire”.

Silly name aside, what you see is the long-box opened to reveal the six flatbreads that come in each order.   You get up to three toppings on each and they are topped in pairs.  So I got 2x cheese, 2x pepperoni, and 2 xhamburger.

These are far from pretty like the TV and print ads.  They look kinda sloppy actually.  These are basically thin-crust single-serving slabs.  These are great for ordering for the gang.  Everyone can have their own toppings and they are pretty sizable so everyone will get full.

These taste like your typical Pizza Hut thin crust pizza, which is a crust I love.   Since they are slabs you get more “end crust” which if you love like I do…is a bonus.

That crispy-crackery-crunchy-crust really shines here.    My major issue with these flatbreads is how they are packaged.  If I am having a party or just want a bunch of them – then six is great.   That tells me these are around 2 bucks a piece.  But what if I am just wanting pizza for lunch?   Am I gonna drag around this super-elongated-box around with me?

I would love to see these kept on the menu but scaled back and maybe paired with a bottled soda for 4 bucks or something.    Two slabs and a drink would be a filling and killer lunch for 4 bucks.

All in all, this was a great idea and really showcases that crust that has been a fan favorite for years.

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