Whataburger Whatafries

8 Jul

Whataburger is a LEGEND around these here parts.  Just about everything on the menu has its own following.  Even their own signature ketchup.

Whataburger has decided to branch out and sell not only their mustard an ketchup but they now have “Whatafries”.

These are sorta like potato chips only cut into french fry shape.     Think HOT FRIES.  Think SHOESTRING POTATOES.

You can see by the photo that they actually look like real fries.  Just a touch over cooked or something.  They aren’t too salty and have a solid crunch.   One taster suggested we heat them up – but I figure heating them up defeats the purpose.  They are larger than shoestring potatoes and not as greasy.

Over all they are a fun food and something neat to try but I don’t think it would be on my normal shopping list.   I love that Whataburger is developing products and I will surely buy their ketchup as it is the BIZZZZOMB!!

But whenever I want Whataburger fries, I will just got get fresh ones.  Freshly made fries from Whataburger are unbeatable.

I believe this to be a limited summer release so grab them while you can.  I figure they would go great with a hotdog during a cookout.


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