4 Jul

Ah….Spaghetti Warehouse.   Home of that fantastic Sourdough bread and garlic butter.   Lord knows I have unsuccesfully petitioned to have garlic bread made into its own food group.

But I digress…

My last visit I was surrounded by legions of leggy, sexy, volleyball players.  Evidently there was some sort of tournament in town and this barrage of beauties were there to carb-up!     So the “eye candy” was kickin’!   Not to mention they were SO LOUD I could hear their conversations – which were HYSTERICAL.

In the mood for something different from my normal SW order, I had your basic meatball sammich.   It came with a mountain of french fries which were kinda bland.   I kept thinking if these were jazzed-up-italian-parm-fries it would have been a better compliment to the sammich.

The sammich itself was rather disappointing.   Three small meatballs, some sauce, cheese, all on a bun that was so stale/hard I had to use my knife to saw through it into smaller bite-sized pieces.   I was surprised because I have had the meatballs with spaghetti before and they have always been so juicy and tender.  These were just dry and lifeless.  Not to mention small.  Judging by the size of the bun, there was room for at least two more dry-balls on there.

It’s not something I would order again.  I will go back to my normal faves.


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