BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwiches

3 Jul

Burger King has never been a place I think of when I think breakfast-on-the-go.  They did have those “cini-minis” that I liked.  Which if you read this often you know  if I like something it will never last long.

Flash forward to the other day and I was running errands and I decided to see what BK was up to these days breakfast-wise.    The muffin sammiches looked promising so I ordered one of each:

One Bacon, Egg, and Cheese  and a Ham, Egg, and Cheese sammich to share.    The bite I had of the ham-egg-cheese  wasn’t that great.  Ham was a little rubbery so one bite was all I could stand.

Mine on the other hand…bacon-egg-cheese was actually pretty good.    The eggs were fluffy but I am not certain if they are some sort of egg-beaters or freshly made eggs.  The bacon was smoky, crispy, and crunchy.   The cheese was actually the dominate flavor of the whole thing.

To be honest I am not up early enough to eat drive-thru breakfastes, but it’s nice to know I got a new option at BK.  I wouldn’t get the ham…but that bacon sammich hit the spot!


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