2 Jul

Remember a couple of years back when every food place was rolling out their own “chipotle” item?    Restaurants follow hot food trends and back then all signs pointed to that pepper as being the “it” thing.

Well I am telling you right now, the NEW “IT” thing is PRETZEL.  You are gonna start seeing it everywhere.

Wetzel’s Pretzel is firmly in the DFW to challenge Auntie Anne’s.    Wendy’s has a new Pretzel Burger.  Chili’s has a new Pretzel appetizer.

And now Sonic has the new Pretzel hot dog.     They have a regular mustard dog (shown) and a cheesy bacon dog.     These are only available thru the end of August so you gotta make tracks if you wanna get one.

I was totally surprised at how much I loved the pretzel bun.    First of all it looks gorgeous and has a nice soft texture to it.   The taste is mild- it’s not overly pretzel-y, which I think is absolutely perfect.   In fact this would probably be my new favorite thing at Sonic… if it weren’t for the actual dog itself.

Inside this delicious and photogenic bun is a “weenie” of a weenie.   A big, honkin’ quarter-pound-dog would have just rocked this thing.   Alas…that puny pup is just lost in that giant bun.

2 Responses to “SONIC PRETZEL DOG”

  1. sherry July 8, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    It is crap!!! I wanted a pretzel taste…just a soft bun like any other, with bacon, cheese and onions…nothing special..waste of money!

    • Javanut September 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

      Tried the pretzel dog at Sonic. My biggest objection and why I will not buy another pretzel dog was due to the COLD BUN. I don’t know if Sonic meant the pretzel bun to be warmed or heated in anyway but the two I got were stone cold. i.e. slightly above room temperature.
      I brought the second one home, removed the dog, warmed up the “bun” and it was TONS BETTER. Even then the “pretzel” taste was a definite stretch! Definitely not worth driving 65+ miles to get one.

      Just had Wendy’s pretzel bun burger – WOW!!!!

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