27 Jun

BBQ sauce!!!!!

Sitting at the local Chili’s killing time before the movie starts (saw the new superman…it sucked.) and the plan was a drink and maybe split an appetizer.

Seeing apps that were close to nine bucks made me think I should just go ahead an order a regular dish.   Skipping around the menu looking at the highs and lows I was sorta surprised to see a half-rack of ribs for just under 10 bucks.

The internal conversation begins:

ME:  So lemme get this right.   I can get an app of wings for 9 bucks or for 60 cents more I can get a half-rack of ribs and fries?

ME Also:  Yes, this is correct.   Can we order now?

ME:   that’s just silly, but yes, let’s order.


So the pic tells ya I went with the ribs.   They were really pretty good and totally worth the 10 bucks.  I am somewhat disappointed in that all these chain restaurants seem to keep kickin’ the prices up for the same (and often times less) portion sizes.  I know there are price increases that happen- but when your apps are just as expensive or more than a normal dish- it makes me think your price structure is wonky.



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