CHEDDAR’s Restaurant

26 Jun

Okay, so this picture might not look very appetizing.   It’s my half-demolished chicken-pasta-salad which is a great item at Cheddar’s.

For those not familiar, Cheddar’s is like Chili’s.  It started in Arlington TX back in 1979 and has a reputation of having some great food with prices that are just super-super-reasonable for what you get.    Seriously, you usually get a ton of food for your money.

They have a very wide variety of dishes and items so you will have no trouble finding something you would like.

The problem I have…have had…continue to have with Cheddar’s is the staff.   No matter the location – Dallas, Irving, or Grand Prairie the staff just seems to try…sorta…but they are just overwhelmed or something.    I will give them quite a bit of credit up front because no matter when I visit – it’s always busy.    That has to be part of it.   I get that and I don’t hold that against them.

But it certainly does seem like the servers are literally running from table to table trying to keep out of the weeds.   I have seen this at all locations mentioned previously.    The four tables in my area were all taken care of– but it was so quick and sparse.   Drinks never getting refilled.  Asking for a side of BBQ sauce that never comes.   The tables seem frustrated and I can’t help but think they are shorting the staff, “tip-wise” and that doesn’t seem fair to the servers.

This is all kinda strange because I see dozens of servers.  Almost stumbling over each other.  It seems like they are fully staffed but they are just in the weeds.

This bog-down is unfortunate because I do enjoy their food but the hub-bub makes me not pick it as a go-to move more often.


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