21 Jun

WHEW!!!! ….. I have made it to TACO CABANA before the end of their happy hour.   These 1.50 Margaritas are the BIZZZZZ-OMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These 10 oz beauties have a perfect balance of mix and booze.   They are NOT watered down or weak by any standard.   So don’t be put off by it only being 10 ounces.   I can’t tell you how many 32 oz “grande” margaritas I’ve had that were so weak and under-poured….and were like 8 bucks a pop.    For 8 bucks at TC, I could literally knock myself out on 1.50 margs.

Dinner and drinks for less than 10 bucks a person?  That’s a great value and with patio weather now officially here this was a fun and relaxing dinner.


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