20 Jun

HELL YES!!!!  Finally!!!!    All these chip companies have been releasing hotwing chips that are barely hot and have no actual “wing” taste to them at all.

So I was skeptical at first when I spotted these HOT SAUCE chips by HERR’s.   I mean I love  the concept on the package.   It’s not trying to taste like hotwing, or give any impressions of such.    It’s simple-   This is chips that are made from the TEXAS PETE hot sauce.

These.  Kick.  ASS.   Bold, brash, hot, snackable, and that flavor just keeps building with each chip.    You get that full-on cayenne taste.   It is literally the sauce in chip form.    So simple and one of the best chips I have had all year.   While “other chips” are coming out with “XTREME” an “ULTIMATE” lines that are neither…frankly…. HERR’S just cranked out a killer product.

These would be awesome with a grilled burger or dog at your next cookout.   I have only found them at Walmart so far, so check them out if you love the hotness like I do!


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