CORN NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 Jun

Since we are in the middle of NHL and NBA finals, I thought I should give you the GO-TO move in terms of handy snacks for watching a game – be it LIVE or on the telly.

During the back-and-forth of these roller-coaster-ride games, I always want something crunchy.  Something tasty, something I can munch aggressively as I am screaming at the refs for their stupid blown-calls.

Chips and popcorn ain’t gonna cut it.    At a baseball game I was introduced to sunflower seeds and peanuts…. and that was great…..but too much work….I gotta shell these things too?   No, I need instant gratification.    I NEED CORN NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These things are murder in terms of CRUNCH.   I mean they are seriously hardcore.   They come in several flavors that are all just about awesome, and they can take the grinding my teeth are giving them during these exciting times.   Oh and on a side note, once done eating them, you have the freshest of breath*.


*in actuality they do NOT provide breath freshening properties.   But they are still fun as hell to crunch on.



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