DUNKIN’ DONUTS Glazed Breakfast Sammich

15 Jun

I often have twitter-wars, email arguments, and food review dinners with several official JFC tasters and friends.    I have always had an open door policy for their input, and I got this in the mail the other day.    A JFC contributor, D.C. Diner,  beat me to the punch on trying the new Dunkin’ breakfast sammiches.     Don’t be fooled by the glam pic.  That is what it’s supposed to look like …and gives you an idea to go along with the actual review.    Here is D.C. Diner with a taste-taste-review:


A donut is a terrible thing to waste. And that’s what Dunkin’s latest breakfast sandwich is – a waste of a good donut. While other reviewers have said it tastes like a pancake, bacon and egg breakfast, I think it’s just too sweet and soggy, without the maple syrup taste of an actual pancake breakfast. The glazed donut loses a lot when it’s warmed and sliced in half. The texture is kind of gummy and it’s too sticky to hold. The bacon and egg inside, though, are very good. Crisp bacon — not too smoky — and plenty of it, and a perfectly round hard fried egg. I took one bite and ended up just eating the bacon and egg. If you’re craving savory and sweet for breakfast, McDonald’s McGriddles are a tastier choice. —  D.C. Diner.



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