Hawaiian Punch Water Enhancer

3 Jun

This is a new market that is just EXPLODING.   The grocery aisles are filling up with these little bottles of “flavor-enhancers”.   Deal is…you might get sick of just drinking bottled water all the time… like a good boy.

To battle “boring water” you squeeze some drops of this “flavor-enhancer” and BOOM!  You’re water has turned into a full bottle of flavor.

Today we got Hawaiian Punch, a life-long favorite brand, loved by many.   Unfortunately one squirt, two squirts, three….weren’t enough.   It doesn’t taste like Hawaiian Punch much at all.  It does have a punch flavor…but there is a serious after-taste to it.    Almost reminded me of cough syrup.

I had such high hopes for this.


One Response to “Hawaiian Punch Water Enhancer”

  1. JoJo (@FurryJoJo) July 23, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    Try the grape one instead.

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