Church’s Boneless Wings

29 May

Church’s Chicken faces some stiff competition these days.   KFC, Popeye’s, Williams, Golden Chick, and now Raising Cane’s is fighting for your chicken-dollar.

Truth be told, I haven’t been that fond of Church’s.   Every time I have had it, I have enjoyed it, but it’s just not a place that pops into my head when I’m thinkin’ chicken.

So on a lark, I pop in to one, and discover they have boneless wings.    This is always a trigger for me.   I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the idea of getting wings on the fly.   I was more than curious how these would roll.

Turns out, they are pretty good.   They have a tangy sauce called “Buffalo – Hot”.   They were nice and spicy.   Sauce also had a unique flavor to it.   Didn’t just taste like your normal cayenne/vinegar sauce.   These are, for sure, a reason for me to go back.

The picture is half an order- as I was hammering these suckers.   I love how they wrap them in foil with GOBS of sauce.    So much better for dippin’.

Every other place that has offered boneless wings ends up discontinuing them for whatever reason.   Here is hoping Church’s keep these around.

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