Tommy Tamale

23 May

The world of tamales is a FICKLE one.  People either love’m or hate’m.  It even goes further because those that do love them, only love certain ones made by certain people.

Through my network of hot-heads and salsa-masters, I was told of a place.   A simple place that served the best tamales.

TOMMY TAMALE in Grapevine.

It’s a great little place with a nice menu of different tamales.   They also carry assorted other snacks,salsa,etc to go with their gourmet tamales.   I bought a dozen pork and arranged a small dinner party with some friends that love tex-mex.   More than that…they love tamales.   But not just any tamale.   They are super-picky, so I knew these would be taking on the harshest of fellow critics. Not only would they tear into these…but if they weren’t awesome…they would tear into me for giving them garbage.   I would never live down the shame in their eyes.

OUT.  OF.  THE. BALLPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   These babies were a huge success!   Even the toughest judges admitted that the Tommy Tamale just might be the best they have ever had.  Everyone kept referring to the fresh taste and insisted I reveal where I can found these tasty treats!

This is exactly the type of food, and local business that I love to promote.   Steve and JoAnn have a fantastic little business on their hands and I wish them much success!  For more info, check out  I have no doubt you are gonna love their stuff as much as I do!
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