UPDATED: Angelo’s Spaghetti

17 May

I told you here  how much I loved Angelo’s.  It’s been standing since 1966 and it’s one of those little out-of-the-way joints.   I have seen several reviews that critique it as a bit of a run-down-place.  Hello!??  1966 is when the place opened, why wreck a good thing with some updated decor?   I mean look at Olive Garden.  They update their restaurant every five years and the food is still boring.

So I promised to go back to Angelo’s and have a pizza.   They are great but when I am there I tend to want one of their awesomely priced – and tasty – spaghetti dinners.

So I made a special trip just to have the pie.   And just like I remember – it tastes incredible.   I love the fact this tastes just like I can remember it as a kid.   When it comes to consistency, Angelo’s beat’em all.

Friendly staff, great prices, and a pizza that is pretty unique compared to the cardboard chain restaurants.     This might just be the best pizza in Irving!


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