Marble Slab – the go to move

7 May

When it comes to MARBLE SLAB, you can be overwhelmed with choices.  I get it. The line is long and you thought you had it covered.    But as you get closer to the front, you realize maybe you didn’t want the plain-ass-vanilla cone for the 48th time in a row.

No.  Not this time.  This time you are on a date and waiting for the movie to start across the way at the movie tavern.  So you thought it clever to go for ice cream.

Now you see there are 1,390 flavor and cone combinations and that chick is looking at you and you hear her say:

“mmm….not sure what I wanna get.  What are you getting?”

Hear this now.  I am the Junk Food Critic.   I am here to help.   What you…hell …what you BOTH want is the regular Strawberry ice cream with Kit-Kat mixed in.

It’s simple, it’s delicious, and she wouldn’t have thought of it.    It’s not only my favorite flavor mix at that place, but everyone I turn on to that mix enjoys the hell out of it.   It’s just so deceptively simple.  Fruit. Creamy. Chocolate.  Crunchy.   All together.

I mean you are spending 10 bucks on two ice-creams so make them count!


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