KFC Boneless Chicken

2 May

I find it funny that KFC is now catering to the “adults that were raised on chicken nuggets”.

I know several people who will not eat chicken off the bone, but love chicken nuggets.   I always thought that strange but I guess we live in a nugget-world.  Marketing has jumped all over this and now KFC sells the biggest “nuggets” you can get with their new “boneless chicken”.

These are quite large pieces, and feature white and dark meat.  As I pulled on the pieces,they would readily fall-away, making me wonder if the “white and dark meat” part means they actually have white and dark meat together in these.  Am I eating Franken-chicken here?

I got the 2 piece with potato skins and a drink for 5.40.   Pretty reasonable price.  Driving down the street my first bite was of the biscuit.  Hot. Fresh, Buttery.  Wow, I forgot how good these are when fresh.

The ‘skins were also hot and fresh.    Then I see what looks like small chicken breasts.  You don’t immediately notice they are boneless because it looks like normal chicken.

The first piece was moist, tender, juicy, pulled-away clean into nice chunks, and had great taste to it.    I am not missing the bones whatsoever. Breadding was light and crisp but still a bit tender.

This is the colonel doin’ chicken right!!!!

This might be the best piece of chicken I have ever had from KFC in my life.

The second piece was the worst piece of chicken I have ever had from KFC in my life.   Dry, brittle-breadding, and any moisture that was in this piece of chicken had left hours ago.  Didn’t make it through the second piece.

I was at this location at  1 pm, so I was expecting some pretty fresh food as the lunch rush was on   I honestly couldn’t believe these two pieces were in the same box.   It’s almost like they picked one fresh piece and one older piece on purpose. Which is understandable but I am concerned that this boneless chicken might not have a great shelf-life.

The quality of the chicken couldn’t be more drastic or noticeable in terms of freshness, taste, and appearance.

It’s the same issue I found in the past with the chicken pieces.   When they are fresh, they give Chick-fil-a some serious competition for best chicken pieces.   When they are not fresh, they are dry, tough, and discouraging.


2 Responses to “KFC Boneless Chicken”

  1. Roberta L May 7, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    I spent $58.00 on a 20 piece boneless meal last night at the KFC at Grant and Silverbell in Tucson, AZ last night and neither of us could eat even one whole piece. It was so incredible nasty that I thought they had had a seasoning accident and tried to eat a bite off of several different pieces and nope it is just totally gross. It was so bad that I called the store to complain and find out if someone had tried to poison us by putting something in the food and I got an instant canned response delivered in one breath attesting to how safe it is cooked and how their quality control process is, so I guess everyone is calling them and complaining about how nasty it is. We gave all of the chicken to our 3 dogs and 2 cats and it is still in the bowl today. They scooted it around and dragged a couple of pieces out, but after tasting it, they have soundly rejected it as well. For nearly $60.00 we sure could have had a much, much better dining experience. KFC is permanently off my dining list. These things are like chunks of chicken glued together by a gray slurm paste and some of the chicken was still pink inside, even thought it was glued together by the gray stuff- there is no way it was done. I don’t even know what they used to season it- it tastes nothing at all like any fried chicken I have had from anywhere- really weird and super super salty and I usually add salt to the point that you can see it on fried chicken, but this is way, way too much. Their mashed potatoes tasted like they just stirred some water in the potato mix and slapped it into the container without cooking it- it had a really nasty grainy consistency that had nothing to do with potatoes. I used to love the gravy, but even that wasn’t very good. Their macaroni and cheese was good-out of the whole order that was the only thing worth eating. So not worth sixty dollars!

    • junkfoodcritic May 12, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

      Great GOOGLY MOOGLY Roberta, 60 bucks on a KFC is INSANE!!!! I didn’t even know they sold a 20 piece and that it would be that expensive. Wow. As far as the “pieced-together” theory… it’s one I was curious about as well. I kept checking as sometimes I thought I tasted white meat and others bites tasted like dark meat. Sorry that you had such a horrible experience. 60 bucks you could have had a killer steak dinner somewhere!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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