Tacos Making Doritos Making Tacos Making Doritos

1 May

Okay kids, try and stay with me.  Did you know Doritos were created at Disneyland?  They were served at a place called Casa de Fritos inside the theme park.  They made tacos and would occasionally have broken shells.  Instead of throwing them out, they would finish breaking the taco shell down into bite size chips, seasoned them, and served them as a side item.

BOOM!  Everyone on the planet goes nuts for them and they become their own business.  Very successful too.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago.   Taco bell introduces the DORITOS brand tacos.  It’s pretty successful also.  It’s also ironic that the chips made from broken shells are now sold as full shells featuring the Doritos flavorings.  Full circle and that.

It gets more attention when the next version, the “Cool Ranch” version comes along.  That is also pretty successful.  Word is, the next Taco bell shell will  be the Doritos “Flamas” brand which is spicy.  So we will see if that is true.

Not to let Taco Bell have all the fun with their own product, and to remind everyone they make more than just shells for Taco Bell…. Doritos has released two LOCOS TACOS style chip varieties.

What they have done is re-release the classic Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese flavors, but they have also mixed in their classic TACO flavored chips in there to represent Taco Bell I suppose.

So in terms of flavors, there isn’t anything new.   I do hope that the people that try these notice that Doritos already sells the TACO flavored chips on their own.  To me, they are like the underdog Dorito flavor, along with the regular corn flavor.  Both get very little promotion and love from the company are are both quite delicious.


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