KETTLE Bakes Chips

17 Apr

Been a big fan of KETTLE brand chips for a while now.   They are always super crunchy and they have a nice variety of flavors.

The latest I found is “Sour Cream & Onion” under their “Bakes” line.   These chips are baked instead of fried and are “extra crunchy”.

Kettle ain’t kidding on the extra crunchy part.  These are quite hearty and thicker than their normal chips.   Or they seem that way.

The flavor is nice and bold, but a bit uneven.  I had several chips that were piled high with seasonings followed by the next couple of chips that had barely any seasoning at all.

Maybe it was just this bag.

So overall I liked it, but the amount of chips in the bag are also an issue.  I opened this bag to see that more than 2/3rd of this bag is just….bag.   All the chips are flat, so they all settle at the bottom.

I hate this trend in chip bags.  They look quite big on the shelf.  You will also notice that almost all chips are in bags that no longer have the clear window.  So you can’t actually tell what’s inside.   So it’s done by weight, not volume.   Which means the waste of that extra bag gets passed on to YOU!

Anyway, my problems aside, the chips are worth your time.  Check them out!


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