8 Apr

DiGiorno is back with a brand new invention, the new “pizzeria” line.

Today we chowed-down on the “primo pepperoni” version.

I am a bit of a sucker for these new pizzas because I believe they are actually trying to perfect the frozen pizza product for the fans.

Competition is pretty harsh these days.  These premium pizzas run anywhere from 4-10 bucks.    In terms of price, that is pretty cheap to have a pizza waiting for you in your freezer at any time.

On the other hand – these days I can find just about any pizzeria around here  to make me one fresh for 10 bucks or less.

So as encouraged as I am, I am also quite the critic of them.  You probably guessed that by now, though.

So I unwrap and pop the “primo” in my oven- per the directions.  Minutes later, I had what you see on the right.  Now I gotta say, this pizza turned out looking EXACTLY like the photo on the cover of the box.   I don’t know why, but I was impressed by this non-factor.

Truth in advertising!!!   So major props to the boys at the DiGiorno group for that.

And how did it taste?  Well, it was pretty good, but nothing spectacular.   I didn’t get a “pizzeria-style” experience – whatever that means.    The crust seemed like a hand-tossed style but it didn’t rise much in the oven.   All the green specs you see were bits of seasoning – that stood out and helped a pretty basic pie.

I probably wouldn’t buy it again – preferring the DiGiorno Meatball Marinara that I reviewed here.  But I give the guys credit for trying.   It wasn’t a bad pie, just not one of their best.


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