Buffalo Wild Wings

4 Apr

Buffalo Wild Wings is a fantastic place to watch sports.  Every location I’ve been to has about a hundred TVs showing everything you could ever want.

Lots of TVs.  Bar. Chicken Wings.

So why don’t I LOVE this place?  I should be SERIOUSLY loving this place.  It SHOULD be my favorite place.   My “Go-to” move.   And it isn’t.   Every few months I revisit and ask myself.  I think I have finally found some answers.

1.  Atmosphere.    The two or three locations I frequent are clean and nice.  Usually filled with families enjoying dinner while dad “zones-out” watching sports.      It is almost too polite.   Too corporate.  I usually spend my time in bars with a bit of a rowdy crowd.   This is about as wild as an Applebee’s.    (note;  Applebee’s is NOT wild.  ever.  just so you know.  It’s very mild. relaxed.  moving on…)

It’s a nice, clean, professional atmosphere and I am the one with the problem?    I guess I am just a jerk.

2.  The waitstaff.   I think I have a legit claim here because the handful of times I have been to a BWW, the service wasn’t very good.  It’s not because I am used to being served by bikini/hotpants/sexy-outfit women either.  So stop that thought right now.   The staff has never been rude or anything but they haven’t been conversational or friendly either.   They serve and that’s it.    Almost like good lil’ BWW robots.  The greeters are especially bored and lifeless.

3.  The food.   Here is where they should have me slayed.  But the onion rings, mini corn dogs, chicken tenders, fries, and burgers are all pretty bland.

ON A SIDE NOTE:  The sour cream/chives flavored POTATO WEDGES were the best damn item on the menu!!! good stuff!!!!!

Their wings are big and juicy.   That’s where it ends for me because I have been up and down the sauce dial and I haven’t found a sauce they make that stands out.   That makes me want to return just for that item.  I think that one thing could be key.   A new “signature sauce” that was KILLER and only available there would turn this thing around.  As of now, most of the flavors they have, I can find just about anywhere.

This whole thing leaves me sad, really.    When it’s Basketball Finals or Stanley Cup playoffs – I couldn’t recommend a better place to watch the game with your buds.   Watched a OU / TX football game at a BWW once, and it was rowdy as HELL and a fantastic time was had by all.  Good times!

I just wish I could get as excited about the food as much as I do the fanfare.


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