Uncle John’s Pizza

3 Apr

Uncle John’s Pizza.  It’s one of those out-of-the-way-local joints that you always pass by and wonder if it’s any good.

Well, I am here to tell ya, these guys make a pretty good pie.  The  toppings, sauce, and cheese are all top-notch.  The crust is very pillowy, soft, and with a slight chew.  The crust style reminds me — just a little bit — of Mr. Jim’s.

But here is where it gets quirky.     I have had Mr. Jim’s lately, and it was not very good.   So in a sense, Uncle John’s is beating Mr. Jim’s at its own game.

That tiny detail aside, Uncle John’s still stands on its own as a unique pizza.   The prices are very good and they have wings, breadsticks, and all the other treats you come to expect these days.

It’s also no longer a place I would just pass by.  I would be very happy to have this pizza again.


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