Sunridge Farms Banana Chips

1 Apr

Ring-ring-ring-ring……ring-ring-ring-ring …Banana chips.

ahem…  Okay this was one big ol’ honkin’ bag of banana chips.   I found them at Costco and for a very reasonable price.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste much banana here.  I mean they are obviously bananas and all – but it’s strange.  These have a mild, almost nutty, flavor to them.   I figured I might have just picked up one that was a little over-cooked or something.

But no, sample after sample, it was the same.   Crunchy, mildy-nutty, and everything sending signals to my brain that these are NOT banana chips despite my eyes clearly seeing and understanding the text on the package.

Thinking I am going insane, I pass them around the JFC clubhouse.  3 samplers, 3 reactions.  All the same.   Can’t taste banana.


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