Welch’s Fruit Snacks

29 Mar

Sometimes I just want a hit of something sweet.   Like a good stick of gum, or a jolly rancher.   Just something with a quick-burst of flavor.

My new go-to move is these little bags of Welch’s fruit snacks.   They are basically just like gummie-bears.    This package is just about a shot glass full of little fruit-gummies and they hit the spot.   Perfect little snack because I can throw a few in my backpack and they will last forever.

More like a day or so actually, because I gobble them up.    But it’s a quick-hit of sweet, fruit flavor that I always seem to crave right about 3:30pm everyday.

On the package, it says something about being made with real fruit and has vitamins (what are those?) or something.  I don’t pay too much attention.  I am just enjoying them.

The small package means they are ultra-portable and I am not stuck with a full bag of  gummie bears that I have to get rid of once my craving passes….and I don’t have to share.   : )



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