TEXAS TEA: Sugar Land Sweet Tea

28 Mar

In Texas, we take our sweet-tea VERY serious.  I mean no-self-respecting southerner would be caught dead sippin’ some bottled tea.   Because they SUCK. Can tea drinks?  Suck.

If it ain’t ya grandma’s sweet tea, which is sweeter than most sodas, you ain’t got real tea.

And then there was TEXAS TEA.   Seeing it sold as made with “real Texas water” and all the other blurbs weren’t going to sway me.   It would only take one sip to know if this could pass for something that a Texan would ever drink.

It’s gotta be strong.  It’s gotta be sweet.  It’s gotta be worth the buck-something it cost per bottle.  Texans are bitchy about their tea.  If they hate it, they HATE it.  If they love it, they will drink it forever.

I have tried plenty of teas and this is The BEST bottled tea I have ever had.   This Sugar Land Sweet Tea (named after the city, not the band) is everything it has to be.

Bold and full of flavor.  A hint of lemon.   Nice sweetness.    Yum.

The only problem I see is finding it.    I bought this one at Whole Foods.   This is a tea that needs to be at 7-eleven and other stores.   It’s that good.

It’s something that I would totally by on-the-regular.     Didn’t think I would enjoy this, but wow…. I certainly did.


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