DORITOS JACKED: Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

27 Mar

Ok Doritos, you had me at HOT WINGS.   Hot Wing flavored anything are instantly popular in these circles.

The Doritos “Jacked” line are thicker-cut and larger in size than normal Doritos.  They also amp up the flavors on these.

So I was excited to tear into this bag….and then I noticed the full title:

“Ranch Dipped Hot Wings”.


I know there are tons of people that LOVE Ranch dressing with their hotwings.  In fact some can’t have one without the other.   I am not a fan of this.  At all.

Doritos making a full-on Hot Wing chip would have rocked.   These are good, but that ranch taste just throws this out-of-whack for my tastebuds.    So I am probably going to pass on these going further but if you love your ranch, I understand.  Go forth and crunch these.  I bet you will love’em.


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