Goodbye Isabella’s

25 Mar

Sometimes, I am the absolute last to know.  I mean, sure, I saw the “for sale” sign in the window for over a year.   But I didn’t think it would actually happen.

Isabella’s Pizza is no more.    This small ny-style joint hidden in Grand Prairie served up some damn good pie.    The owner’s wife and real-life Isabella made a cheesecake that could knock your socks off.

For over 30 years the place stayed open and they had hoped someone would buy the business and run it their own old-fashioned way.

I too had this hope and as I drove past this place the other day, I see that did not happen.   The place is now gutted.   Signed are removed.  Years of happy customers and memories for alot of people- gone.

Sign of the times.   And not a very good one.   In today’s sloppy, corporate-cardboard pizzerias, Isabella’s was a nice departure with it’s own unique flavor.    Sad to see it go.   Jeezz… Six Flags Mall…Isabella’s…. nothing good can ever stay.


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