Six Flags Mall – My last slice

22 Mar

Back in the day, Six Flags Mall was a great mall.   Located near…..uh huh…. SIX FLAGS, it had been a staple in Arlington forever.

Over the years, South Arlington grew to be more popular than the north side.  So  the mall just sort of fell into a steady stream of decline.

There was hope that the “new” Cowboys Stadium nearby would revive it and bring in a whole new audience.   That hasn’t happened.   In fact, most places around the stadium are in a constant state of flux.   Several have turned to selling their parking spaces at a premium to football fans looking to park close.

So the other day I decided to actually go into the mall and see what it was like.

GHOST TOWN.   The entire mall was empty.   There is a Dillard’s outlet, a movie theatre that is still open, and a lonely pizza place in the abandoned food court.

Quite sad, really.    So as a farewell, I decided to treat myself to a “goodbye” slice because the entire building might not even be here tomorrow.



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