Happy Meal 2.0

20 Mar

 Back in the day…oh who are we kidding??…. for as long as I have been alive, the Happy Meal has been a great deal.

I mean, lookit:

1 burger

1 order of small fries

1 small drink

1 TOY.

All in a box that usually had some corny jokes or something a kid might be interested in.

Either way, for the most part, it has remained unchanged and is super-successful.

Oh sure, The drink got smaller.   Too small for me actually.  This was easily solved by ordering a second drink.  I was still getting a great deal.    But now, I see the fries are now a half of a small order.   In addition, each Happy Meal comes with some chemically treated apple slices (treated so they stay fresh after the slicing process).

I actually like these apple slices.   So that’s actually a nice sweet ending to the meal.

BUT… taking the fries down to half their normal size just sucks.   It feels like there is only, like, eight fries in the whole box.

Let’s see… one of those in the picture is an actual quarter.   The other one is the new size of happy meal fries.

Yeah.  No optical illusions or camera tricks were used in this post.


So – drink – downsized.    Fries – downsized.   Fruit (longtime enemy to happy meal) now included.

Well at least they still have the TOY!     And when that movie tie-in is something cool, it all evens out.   Unless it’s some sucky Transformer that doesn’t actually transform.   Great.  now I’m depressed.  My once cool, filling, and prize-included go-to move at the golden arches is fading through my fingers like sand.




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