19 Mar

Yeah, you read that right.  The name of the sauce is called HOTTER THAN A MOFO.

It’s the brainchild of comedy and radio guy –  J. Anthony Brown.   The 5 oz bottle comes in a tube with a wick on the top.   It’s cute packaging that slyly reminds you that what you are holding in your hand is dynamite.

I originally thought this was like some other “gimmick” sauces out there.   Basic sauce – label it something crazy like – BURN YA BUNS sauce – and BOOM….some people buy it just because the label was funny.  Not so.  This is full-on-heat.

I actually discovered this sauce at ZESTFEST and I tried it.   It was pretty decent.   Then it built….kept building…. and I’ll be damned…after a few samples my mouth was burning!!!!!!!!!!!!    WOOO— Hotter Than a MOFO!!!!!     I am looking for my water bottle and then I met the company spokesman – a SUPERHERO!

I shall let HOTTER THAN A MOFO MAN speak for himself!   

I love hot pepper sauces and this one tastes like several different pepper blends coming together to build a sauce powerhouse.   You can order it at .  Also on that site you will find other products such as salsa, other sauces, spicy peanuts, and more.  I think you will enjoy this sauce if you love hot stuff as much as I do.


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