CANADA DRY TEN – Taste test

13 Mar

I loves me some Ginger Ale.  It’s sweet and the bite of a good Ginger Ale is quite memorable.   Following in the footsteps of SUNKIST TEN which we reviewed here I was fully prepared to tackle this one.

Setting expectations on “low”.

Results?  Much like the Sunkist, this too is NOT too shabby!   It doesn’t have the sweet kick or even the bite of normal GA but you can clearly taste it.   What is also present is a slight salty taste.   Again, just like the Sunkist.   Looking at both cans I see the sugar has dropped drastically, but the sodium in both are up vs. their regular versions.  Almost double, even.

I guess to round-out the flavor and give the drink body, you would have to decide between sweet and savory.  This also comes across my palate (at least) as a high-end Gatorade.   I would drink this again but I wouldn’t search it out either.   The original Canada Dry Ginger Ale has nothing to worry about here.  This “little” brother has no shot of taking the title.


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