12 Mar

Okay, so I hate diet soda.   Actually, let me rephrase that.

I HATE diet soda.

Dr. Pepper TEN absolutely sucked.   So when I saw the lady giving away samples of other “TEN” branded sodas, I wasn’t that enthused.

As regular SUNKIST goes, I am a fan.   It’s good, super-sweet, and very orange-y.

This SUNKIST TEN is ……well…. DAMN if it isn’t pretty close to the regular.

It’s actually good?!?!?     I keep sippin’ thinking I was being tricked.  It’s noticeably different in terms of sweetness than the original.   It has a slight salty aftertaste like Gatorade does sometimes.

Overall, I was close to being knocked out by how “not too bad” this was.

Not much of a compliment, I realize…but when you consider that I expected this to be horrible.  I was delighted to be proven wrong.   This one is worth a try!!


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