RUFFLES Beer Battered Onion Rings chips

11 Mar

Chips is goin’ KRAZY ya’ll!!!!  Every few weeks now, it seems a new flavor is rolling out the chip factory.

Now Ruffles “Max” series is back with BEER BATTERED ONION RING flavored chips.

Now we are talkin’ my kinda chips!   As a major FUNYUN and Onion Ring fan, I couldn’t wait to find these.

…And these were good.   Not fantastic (I would still take Funyuns over these) but as a side item with a burger and a beer?  These would ROCK at a cookout.

Even snacking a handful while watching Hardcore Pawn was quite enjoyable.

I couldn’t help but compare these to Funyuns; as they are the king of onion chips. These Ruffles were good, but the onion flavor was rather muted.   It took awhile to build up and allow me to taste the full flavor of the extra flavors…the “beer batter” and whatnot.

These will no doubt only be available for a limited time (like most things these days) so keep an eye out for these at your local store.    I think you will enjoy these.   One of the better flavors from the Ruffles MAX brand.


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