El Chico Responds

7 Mar

A couple day ago, I mentioned a rumor regarding El Chico’s future.   You can read the whole thing here.   Since that post, I have been contacted by the boys at El Chico to clear things up:

My name is Don Dungy, president of El Chico Restaurants. I want to thank you for your recent visit and appreciate your great feedback. We want to create the very best customer experience, and comments such as yours enable us to be one of the top choices for dining out. Thank you for making a call to action encouraging your readers to support El Chico. We are proud of our history and future. Our restaurants reflect over seventy years of changing tastes and styles. El Chico has created unique and memorable dining experiences for our guests. We welcome you back as often as possible.

Let me address the rumor mentioned in your post. We welcome new and current franchisees as members of the El Chico family, and we look forward to growth this year with the addition of new restaurants. We have several loyal franchisees that have expressed interest in the potential of adding more locations to their portfolio. With over forty years of franchise experience, we have learned that dedicated franchisees are the key ingredient to the success of El Chico. Franchising an existing El Chico is simply good business because it brings entrepreneurs into the El Chico family. This enables our continued growth and success for years to come.

Should you have any interest in franchising El Chico, please contact Director of Franchise Operations, Mike Flippo at

I posted the full thing because alot of JFC readers are in the media and/or food industry, so setting the record straight here goes a long way.

As you know – I am not only about questions – I am about RESULTS!  SOLUTIONS!

So– MUCH respect to El Chico for taking the time to do this.   I am certain their customers will appreciate it.

Hell, it makes me want a margarita and some sizzlin’ fajitas right now!


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