6 Mar

I have heard it said -several times- that I make alot of comments (I misspell ALOT a lot- it’s on purpose) and I have all these questions.   When am I gonna quit bitchin’ and have something constructive to say?

Well, here ya go.   New sub-feature on this here show is THE ANSWERS.    From time to time I will hit ya with what NEEDS to happen in the food world to be more successful and to make people ENJOY (and build loyalty) your products.

First up – WHATABURGER.   Good LORD I love Whataburger.   Aside from some LONG waits in the drive-thru from time to time- I got nothing but love for Whataburger.

A few years ago, they started rolling out special items for summer-time.   One summer they rolled out the HOLY GRAIL (for me) with the PINEAPPLE PIES.    They were beautiful.  They were fantastic.   That hit of tropical flavor inside that classic Whataburger pie crust was nothing short of GENIUS.   I single-handedly introduced over two dozen people to that pie.  All of them impressed and addicted.   So much so that it still comes up in conversations with them.   I have even taken pen to paper….written Whataburger many a letter…. asking for the return of that precious pie.    I still wait for their response.

Whataburger is already delicious, fantastic, and Junk Food Critic Approved…. but they gave up on the Pineapple Pie  way too soon.


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